Recommended iPad Apps for Business Owners



Are you an entrepreneur who happens to be interested in using technology to increase productivity or efficiency of your business?Many are actually like you these days, which explain most business owners invest on gadgets. As you know, your iPad is not just for mere fun and games. There are several things you can do with this gadget. The features of an iPad also go beyond surfing the web and checking emails. It can open more opportunities if you will understand the latest apps that can help you boost your business. This can complement the current communication tools that you have availed from providers such as RingCentral.

Here is a rundown of recommended apps you can download through your iPad. All of these are deemed helpful for business owners—regardless of the scale of the company. These apps can help you handle different aspects of the business such as drafting official documents, online marketing, and many more. The best thing about this is that you can bring your iPad anywhere. It is not bulky like the usual laptop you use for your business.



Through your iPad, you can access Dropbox, an application that can allow you to have your files when you are always on the go. You do not need to bring your laptop as every important file can be uploaded in your Dropbox account. This is a free app that you can easily sync to your iPhone or iPad. If you tend to travel a lot, this is for sure will be of great help.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

This is said to be the most downloaded business application today among iPad users. This amazing app allows users to remotely connect to your computer using your iPad. This means you can open your files and generally control your computer through your iPad. You can work as if you are sitting in front of your computer. This makes things convenient on your part as your iPad serves as the extension of your personal computer. On the average, this can be bought at $19.99. You may want to check out apps sales as you can get one for $2 or $5, so it pays to be updated about apps on sale.


This is important for any business owner, regardless of the specific industry you are in. In every meeting, you surely need to take down notes for your future reference. Your notes may be about business contact information or some important ideas you need to bear in mind. If you have Evernote in your iPad, you can keep everything in one place. And the best thing about Evernote? You can have it for free! You may check out existing Evernote user reviews available online in case you are not yet convinced that you need this in your iPad.


Any entrepreneur needs to keep track of his/her money. For one to manage her/his finances well, it is best to have a tool to monitor the money going in and out. With this in mind, you might want to consider downloading the Budgets apps in your iPad. It has an easy-to-use interface where you can track each of your financial transaction. You can even prepare graphs to visualize the data that you have. You may convert your output into CSV files if whenever necessary.

These apps will certainly help you manage your business better. Aside from business-related matters, these can help you become more efficient as a person. If you are organized both in professional and personal aspect, there is a higher chance for you to be successful in your venture since you are certain about your goals.

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