New iMessage Bug Can Put Any iDevice Running iOS 6 Into A Respring Loop



A new iMessage bug has been discovered which can render a device quite useless and can make someone need to restore their device before it will become usable again. The bug works by sending a string of letters to the device and this caused the Messages app and notification center and this causes the device to respring. The bug does also work in the Mail app can also work on OS X its self but the effects of trying it on a Mac are yet to be discovered.

Its a bug that will be kept private so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands but luckily it doesn’t work on the new OS X or iOS 7 as Apple has fixed the bug that this uses. It was discovered by @jonsul97 and @3liiasv and also some testing was done by @doubleaa25, I have yet to try the bug out for myself to confirm it works fully.

So what do you think about the bug? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Note: @jonsul97 and @3liiasv did not discover the bug fully but added to it to make it so it can crash a device and cause a respring loop