Google Working On New Online TV Service According To New Reports



According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google has been talking with media companies about licensing content for an upcoming Internet TV service. Google’s service would be like Netflix and basically allow people to get what they get through there cable box online.

“There is no guarantee Google will be able to strike licensing deals,” WSJ said. “Media companies are happy to license their content, but they generally offer the best prices to the biggest distributors. As newcomers to TV, the Web companies aren’t likely to get favorable deals.” WSJ cites struggles Intel has had with media companies over its own upcoming service, which has been talked about throughout the year.

Google has been working on this for more than 2 years but its been something that they have been working on quite slowly and the new reports suggest that Google is working to ramp up on getting a new service rolled out. It wont be much different to your normal cable box but a fresh and nice UI and lots of on demand could be a massive win for most people.