Users Experiencing Dramatic Battery Increase in iOS 7 beta 2


The release of iOS 7 beta 2 was just recently, and users have already experienced big battery life increases compared to beta 1. iOS 7 works on only a select number of devices, as only they can support the heavy load of new features and stunning design. What surprised me is iOS 7’s lack of battery in beta 1. Of course, as for any beta, I expected poor battery, but not this bad. I could barely squeeze out 2 hours of use on a full charge! In iOS 7 beta 2, I can get an easy 8 hours on iPhone and 10+ on iPad for what I use it for. This may vary depending on what you are using it for, but you will definitely notice a difference. This is a perfect example of why people should stop complaining about iOS 7. Calm down, it’s just a beta. And it’s been double-proven that it’s a beta when beta 2 came along, bringing many fixes. What is your experience with iOS 7?