Facebook Launches Android Beta Testing Program



Facebook is now allowing people to test there new versions of its apps before release in its beta testing program. The  Beta Testing Program and allows you to provide feedback on the latest release as long as you don’t mind a few bugs. 

“Facebook is the most-downloaded app in the Play Store, so we need to make sure it works for everyone, no matter their amount of RAM, network conditions, or version of Android they might be using,” Facebook’s Android product manager Ragavan Srinivasan explained in a blog post. Google’s new update to the Play store allows developers to deploy applications to a subset of beta testers allowed Facebook to launch its new program.

Facebook has launched a Google Group for its beta testers to participate in and anyone can sign-up for the beta program after joining the Google Group. Its simple to get going and it means you can get the new features without the wait. Its quite cool but its something that Apple won’t allow anytime soon.