My Predictions For The iPhone 5S And iOS 7



The iPhone 5S is not that far away as its only going to be a few more months before the device is going to be announced and iOS 7 is just around the corner so here is my predictions for the new iPhone and iOS 7 and what i would like in them but as normal its one of those things that is never going to happen.

What I Think Apple Will Add In iOS 7

  1. Better notifications
  2. Make iOS more “flat”
  3. Make Siri better
  4. Fix lockscreen bugs
  5. More simple
  6. More customization
  7. Redesigned Apple apps

What i would like but Apple wont add them

  1. Allow jailbreaking
  2. Themes
  3. Widgets
  4. Allow downgrading for developers
  5. Live homescreen wallpapers
  6. Make iOS more open

iPhone 5S Predictions

  1. Faster
  2. Bigger
  3. Thinner
  4. Better camera’s
  5. More colors
  6. More accessories

So that’s what i think Apple might add to there new mobile OS and there new iPhone 5S but how many of them will come true is unknown but it would be nice to know what you want in iOS 7 and the new iPhone.